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NDT Services

Non-Destructive Testing

The NDT section is the largest department in EIL and employs over 350 ASNT & AWS qualified inspectors and technicians carrying out all conventional non-destructive tests at various projects in U.A.E and outside the country at on-shore & off-shore locations. The NDT department is fully equipped to carry out the following conventional NDT tests:

▸ Visual inspection
▸ Boroscopic examination
▸ X-ray radiography
▸ Gamma-ray radiography
▸ SCAR (Small Controlled Area Radiography)
▸ Ultrasonic flaw detection
▸ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
▸ Eddy current testing
▸ Magnetic particle testing including fluorescent light
▸ Dye/Liquid penetrant testing
▸ Vacuum Box Testing
▸ Pre-heat & Post weld heat treatment

All these techniques are performed at the laboratory premises or at site, both on-shore and off-shore. EIL is approved by all major Oil Companies in the Middle East for carrying out NDT & PWHT.
It may be noted that EIL holds approvals from many international shipping inspection and surveillance agencies for Ultrasonic thickness gauging.

Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

In addition to the conventional NDT services, EIL offers a wide range of specialized inspection techniques to support conventional NDT services. The following services provided by EIL enhance the information provided by EIL to the client to make decisions. EIL offers the following techniques,

▸ Phased Array
▸ Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
▸ Pulsed Eddy Current
▸ Leak testing
▸ High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)
▸ Acoustic Emission Testing
▸ IRIS/ECT/RFET/PSEC for heat exchanger tubes
▸ In-service Robotic Inspection of storage tanks
▸ Digital Radiography
▸ Film Digitisation
▸ Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) for inspection of storage tanks
▸ LRUT for inaccessible or underground pipelines
▸ FTIS for Furnace tubes
▸ In-Vista for un-piggable pipelines
▸ MANTIS and LOTIS for reformer tubes
▸ AUT for pipelines
▸ Crawler Radiography for pipelines
▸ Corrosion Mapping for vessels, pipelines
▸ Corrosion Under Pipe Support (pipelines)

EIL performs multi-discipline NDT Inspections, quality Control and Quality Assurance functions online at the plants both On-shore and Off-shore and marine vessels complying with the highest level of safety standards. EIL also performs pre-heat and post weld heat treatment at site with portable Heat Treatment equipment and temporary furnace at site.

Heat Treatment Services

EIL offers pre-heating; inter-pass temperature control and post weld heat treatment services for various welded components. The versatile equipment which operates on electrical resistance heating method is also portable to be carried to jobs sites and conduct the treatment ‘in-situ”. With advanced control equipment, all the operations of heat treatment services are managed efficiently to the strict tolerances.