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Chemistry Department


• Chemical & Environmental testing division is well equipped with analytical, microscopical, microbiological and    environmental testing facilities.
• Analytical techniques include chemical, physical & spectroscopy.
• Instrumentation lab consists of equipments like, GC, GCMS, ICP, OES, AAS, XRF, OES, PMI analyzer, etc.


• Separate Microbiology, Microscopy, Instrumentation   and oil sections are available.
• Client list include leaders in various industries of   Petrochemical, Steel Fabrication, General   Engineering, Ship repairing, Mineral water, Oil well   drilling, equipment manufacturers and suppliers,   Hospitality, etc.

Environmental inspection

• Environmental monitoring studies viz., stack emission, indoor & ambient air quality, noise level and Volatile Organic Chemical level are regularly conducted for   industries, office premises, educational inctitutions, various stacks & booths, etc.
• Chemical & physical parameters like gaseous pollutants, gas parameters & dust level are studied as per US EPA standards.
• Qualified technicians are employed for these jobs.
• Sophisticated & modern equipments like Lancom III, TCR Tecora, HVAS, OSIRIS series dust analyzer, YES Plus LGA , ETL 3000, Tango noise meter, Entry RAE multi   gas analyzer, etc. are employed for these services.

Water & waste water

• EIL is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for waste water testing for disposal purpose.
• All types of water viz., potable, drinking, ground, sea, treated, chilled, etc. are tested as per APHA standards.
• Almost all parameters of water are analyzed.
• AAS & ICP OES are employed for the elemental study.


• Bacteriological studies are conducted in an exclusive dedicated microbiology lab.
• TBC, TC, FC, EC, Salmonella, Legionella, Shigella, Camphylobacteriae, Vibriochloare, SRB, etc. are analyzed in water, soil, oil, etc.
• Species level identification of Escherichia, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Streptococci, Enterococci, E Coli 0157 – H7 are also performed.
• Microbiology lab is equipped with amenities like laminar flow, autoclave, Insulators, Centrifuge, Colony counter, etc.
• Qualified and experiences Microbiologists are employed for testing.

Oils & fuels

• Oil lab is equipped with modern equipment for the analysis.
• Analysis includes the basic parameters of oils & fuels like density, viscosity, flash point, pour point, distillation, water content, calorific values, TAN, TBN, CCR,   Copper corrosion, sulphur content, wear metals, ash content, sediment, breakdown voltage, etc.
• Standard test methods are followed for analysis.
• Automatic digital equipments viz., Pensky Mortens closed cup flash point tester, Cleaveland open cup flash/fire point tester ADUP 4+ distillation unit, Karl Fisher   moisture meter, Metrohm titrino plus, XRF analyzer, Insulating oil tester are employed for the studies.

Metals & Alloys

• Ferrous & non ferrous metals are analyzed for their chemical composition & grade confirmation.
• Metals of various shapes-sheets, plates, flanges, bolts, nuts, etc. are analyzed using PMI analyzer.
• Optical Emission Spectrometer is mainly employed for chemical analysis of small metal samples.
• Non destructive test using PMI analyzer is also carried out in-situ.
• Drillings & powder samples are also studied through wet chemistry method.
• ICP, OES and AAS are employed for composition analysis.

Chromatography & Mass spectrometry

Following equipments are part of instrumentation Lab of EIL:
• Natural gases are analyzed for their composition using Gas analyzer.
• GC MS is employed for PAH, VOC, SVOC, GRO, BTEX, VFA, EOX, etc. analysis.
• GC is employed for DRO, PCB, VFA, GLYCOLS, PBB, PBDE, Pesticide residues (OC, OP, herbal), ALCOHOLS, FAME, THM, etc. analysis
• Matrices are sand & soil, water, air monitoring filters, juices, etc. (needs clarification from dept)

Drilling chemicals

• Drilling chemicals used in the oilfield are tested in the drilling chemical lab.
• Barite, Bentonite, Haematite, Starch, PAC, CMC, Xanthan gum, PHPA, etc. are studied as per international standards.
• Density, filtration loss, rheology, particle size, thermal stability, etc. are tested.
• Equipments employed are Fann VG viscometer, API filter press, HTHP filter press, LC flask, hot roller oven, HB mixer.


• Presence of asbestos in different substrates like brake lining of rotating equipment, insulation from ships, building materials (insulating tiles, concrete pieces) are   microscopically determined.
• Type & structure also analyzed as per USEPA standards
• Stereo microscope & plane polarized light microscope are employed for the purpose.
• Useful for ship repairing works, construction industries, etc. to ensure that the building blocks are asbestos free.

Ores/minerals & Scales.Sludges

• Complete chemical composition of ores & minerals are analyzed as per standard methods.
• For scale & sludge, different extracts in various solvents & acids are prepared for the composition analysis.
• % Composition in terms of metallic oxides is determined.
• Elements are analyzed using ICP, OES or AAS.

Corrosion inhibitor/defoamer

• Oilfield chemicals like corrosion inhibitors and defoamers are analyzed in the chemistry Lab.
Finger printing (FTIR), SG, flash point, freeze point are carried out for the Corrosion inhibitor/defoamer samples.