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Metallurgy Department - Mechanical Testing Services

Metallurgy department is a team composed of qualified and experienced engineers, metallurgists, technicians with sufficient knowledge and skills. Our services in metallurgy department includes but not limited to the following:

Root cause Failure Investigation

Root cause Failure Investigation on various components & equipments from the Marine, Oil & Gas industries, refineries, power plants and other Engineering Industries to determine the cause(s) of failure and to propose remedies.

Metallurgical Examination

Metallurgical Examination to understand the inherent microstructure as well as defects or abnormalities present in the material. It also includes determination of grain size, Degree of banding, Case hardening depth, Inclusion count, manual count for ferrite content etc.

Metallurgical examination is performed by macro-examination and photography and micro structure examination employing high resolution microscopes.

In-situ Replica Metallography

In-situ Replica Metallography on boiler and heat exchanger tubes, pipes, shell plate and other equipments of Marine, Oil and Gas industries and on Engineering components and equipments to determine the micro-structural changes and to assess metallurgical conditions of the equipment. Replica metallography and in-situ hardness test are non-destructive method of metallurgical evaluation, which are normally used during plant shutdown and while conducting life assessment study of boiler and pressure vessels.

Corrosion Study and Investigation

Corrosion Study and Investigation on various material coupons as per NACE specification and other international codes to determine the susceptibility of material to corrosion in various service conditions employing following methods to name a few;
▸ Inter-granular Corrosion(IGC) as per ASTM A262
▸ Pitting Corrosion as per ASTM G48
▸ Hydrogen Induced Corrosion (HIC) as per NACE TM 0284
▸ Sulphide Stress Corrosion Cracking (SSCC) as per NACE TM 0177

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing for various metallic materials for material confirmation and welded coupons for Welding Procedure Qualification and Welder Qualification in accordance with international standards and specifications such as ASTM, BS, API, ASME and other Classification Codes (LRS, BV, DNV, etc).

Following tests are normally carried out for mechanical testing of various metallic materials:
▸ Tensile Test (at ambient & elevated temperature)
▸ Compression Test
▸ Bend Test
▸ Re-bend Test
▸ Charpy Impact Test (at ambient & sub-zero to 197°C temperature)
▸ Nick Break Test
▸ Fracture Test
▸ Flattening Test
▸ Load Test
▸ Hardness Test (Brinell, Rockwell & Vickers)
▸ Micro hardness Test
▸ In-situ Hardness
▸ Ferrite measurements (In house & In-situ)