Emirates Industrial Laboratory,
P.O.Box 6892, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 3457480
Saturday to Thursday
08:00am - 17:00pm


EIL recruits diversified Human Resources from different backgrounds & from diversified industries. Our pool of talent includes Engineers, Inspectors, Accountants, Finance Experts and Technicians.

People of EIL

EIL employs people from all over the world with talent and skills for the development of the business, whose talents are recognized and suitably rewarded for the progress of the organization.
EIL personnel are proficient in their professions and their contribution is vital for the success of EIL as a leading test facility in the region. EIL has created a good line of communication between the top level management & technical sections to minimize time and energy and optimize output.

Life and Work at EIL

Persons with suitable professional qualifications and experience are offered suitable employment with attractive compensation. Fresh professionals are provided with on the job training for subsequent employment in the organization.