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Environmental services

For Environmental monitoring, analysis and consultancy, EIL has the most modern facilities and infrastructure and have been providing this service to various clients in this region by utilizing its highly qualified and experienced environmental specialists. EIL is certified to ISO 17025 for Environmental Analysis (waste water testing). EIL have undertaken numerous projects wherein its environmental specialists have been stationed at client premises to work on continuous environment monitoring & evaluation services.

Our services in this field include but not limited to the following:

▸ Emission Monitoring
▸ Air quality Measurement
▸ Effluent and Sludge analysis
▸ Stack emission and ambient air quality measurement

▸ Emission Measurements (Dust Monitoring)
▸ Noise level Measurements
▸ Baseline study of the characteristics of NGL products
▸ Consultancy services related to Environmental Impact Assessment (EPIA) and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) studies.